Every day, internet users create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data.

million tweets
billion emails
1 PB
from wearables
1 TB
from connected cars

Your data is precious.
SecureEdge™ can protect it.

🗸  Secure your data as soon as it’s created.

🗸  Store and deliver your data securely.

🗸  Know when your data has been viewed or altered.

🗸  Allow, deny, and revoke access to your data.

🗸  Truly delete your data. 

Regain Rightful ownership of your data

What does SecureEdge do?

Secure data from Smart Devices and Wearables

What happens to data collected by your Fitbit, your Nest thermostat, or your Alexa?

Encrypt data, Every Step of the way

If we protect our valuables during each stage of transit and storage, shouldn't we do the same for our data?

Choose who Accesses your data and how It's Used

How do you keep track of who sees your data and make sure it's used as you intend?

Process your data closer to home

Rather than sending data to a third party for meaningful analysis, start that process on site in a secure way.

The Founders

Who We Are

Vince Corning

Co-Founder & CTO

Vince Corning has a unique background spanning computing, telecom, datacom development for numerous start-ups and large companies such as Intel and Compaq. His experience includes both hardware and software development in both Engineering and Technical Market Roles. As a co-founder of Picazo Communications, Vince helped negotiate its acquisition by Intel for $140M.

Kimi Iwamura


As a senior business development, planning, and operations executive, Kimi Iwamura has extensive experience in bringing technology to market, launching businesses, and managing venture capital. His expertise is in identifying business opportunities in new technologies. He has made investments as a CVC manager and partner at Tipping Point Ventures. His portfolio includes Nuance Communications, Photobit, and Arrayant. 

Join us in creating a data-secure world.


Secure data from Smart Devices and Wearables


Sensor Manufacturers

Be on the cutting edge of data security embedded directly in your sensor. <<Check with Vince


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